GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a digital file format introduced to reduce the size of pictures and quick animations. According to Britannica, a GIF loses no data or information during the compression process. Introduced almost three decades ago, GIFs have now become one of the most popular methods of storing graphic-containing files. Furthermore, animated GIFs are extensively used in emails to garner more hype and acquire more traction for businesses. Besides this, they also add more substance to the email and make it look more appealing. This article will cover all the various aspects related to using animated GIFs in emails. Let us begin:

How to Create an Animated GIF:

There are numerous ways following which users can create simple and attractive animated GIFs without any hassle. Different platforms offer different solutions for creating attractive GIFs. Let’s take a look at how users can create GIFs using two of the most widely-used operating systems, i.e., Windows and macOS:

Windows – Windows users can quickly make animated or simple GIFs using GIPHY. It is an excellent GIF-making website that allows users to create any GIF, sticker, or backdrop. Another helpful way of creating GIFs on Windows is using Adobe Photoshop. The powerful software from Adobe’s Creative Suite facilitates users to create GIFs without any issues. Besides these, there are numerous other GIF-making websites and applications available.

macOS – Mac users can conveniently make a GIF using different tools. For instance, they can use third-party applications like Gifox that facilitate turning a video into an animated GIF. It is a robust tool that allows users to create an appealing GIF in a few clicks. Similarly, users can also patch together numerous pictures and turn them into a GIF using GlueMotion. It is a timelapse-making application that can conveniently convert photos into GIFs. Apart from these two applications, there are several other applications using which macOS users can make unique and creative animated GIFs.

What are the Advantages of Using Animated GIFs in Emails?

There are various reasons why marketers consider GIFs one of the most powerful marketing tools in their arsenal. Here are two of them:

●      They Attract the Reader’s Attention

No one reads long and tedious emails full of lengthy paragraphs, no matter how interesting they are. However, when an email contains vibrant animated GIFs relevant to the email’s topic, it entices readers to take another look at the email and read what is written. It is a proven fact that movement attracts more attention than static images, which is why animated GIFs are perfect for grabbing readers’ attention

●      They Facilitate in Portraying A Brand’s Offerings More Clearly

Animated GIFs add to the personality of your brand and amplify its credibility. You can easily showcase your product or services quickly and effectively by using them. For instance, if you own a cosmetic brand and wish to showcase your products to potential customers, you can do so by creating an animated GIF of your brand’s products and inserting it into your email. When readers open your email, they will be able to look clearly at what your brand has to offer.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Animated GIFs in Emails: 

Although animated GIFs are great tools for marketing, they have numerous drawbacks. Here are two of the most significant disadvantages of using animated GIFs in emails:

●      Complex Animated GIFs may Increase the Loading Time of the Email

Even though they add to the overall appeal, complex animated GIFs featuring tons of colors can significantly increase your email’s loading time. This can harm your business as an increased loading time might prevent the reader from waiting for your email to open. Losing a potential customer because of an animated GIF could be catastrophic for your marketing campaign. Therefore, it is vital to create and use animated GIFs more sensibly.  

●      They Significantly Lack in Terms of Accessibility

Another major drawback of animated GIFs is that they may not be completely accessible to visually impaired people, i.e., they might find it difficult to read and review the contents before the animation changes into a different one. Therefore, if your email’s animated GIF does not feature a smooth and steady transition, it might do more harm to your marketing campaign than good.

Should You Use Animated GIFs in Emails?

Animated GIFs are exceptional tools that you can easily create in a few steps. Although they have numerous drawbacks, they can be immensely beneficial to your email marketing campaign. As compared to other formats, GIFs are easier to use in emails. Inserting animated GIFs in emails that resonate with your brand’s offerings can be very beneficial for roping in new clients and customers. Thus, it would be best to consider using properly-optimized animated GIFs to amplify your brand’s network and net worth.

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