The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues developing with every new movie and Disney+ collection, including ever-extra-effective Avengers to their astounding roster of heroes. However, with new menaces threatening to shatter the Multiverse throughout Phase four of the MCU, the mightiest Avengers may want a few backup. While there are already a few impressively effective heroes at the crew, with many extra to come, a number of Marvel Comics’ most powerful Avengers had been now no longer but featured withinside the MCU.

So, withinside the hopes unannounced initiatives may carry a few reinforcements to the MCU crew, it’s time to examine comedian ee-e book records to choose the seven maximum effective Avengers that aren’t withinside the MCU but. More than list the names of a number of Marvel’s maximum astounding powerhouses, we’ll additionally contemplate the query and speak how probably they may be to enroll in the MCU withinside the close to destiny. Time to collect our crew of welcome additions that had been now no longer but introduced as a part of the MCU.


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In the comedian books, the Nova Corps is an intergalactic police pressure able to harnessing the Nova Force, a type of cosmic power that offers its wielders exquisite strength, inhuman resistance, flight, and the cappotential to wander area and not using a similarly protection. Of course, the Nova Corps already confirmed up withinside the Guardians of the Galaxy films as a everyday police pressure with out superpowers. But it wouldn’t be tough to introduce the Nova Force and simply say that the superpowered contributors of the crew are a part of an elite pressure. With the destruction of Xandar via way of means of Thanos throughout the occasions of Avengers: Endgame, there’s even sufficient trauma and grief to discover the origins of a brand new intergalactic hero.

Should the MCU determine to make Nova a brand new Avenger, they might use incarnations of the man or woman. The first, Richard Rider, became created via way of means of Marv Wolfman and John Romita Sr. for 1976’s The Man Called Nova #1. Richard gets his powers from the ultimate surviving member of the Nova Corps and shortly rises to the ranks of one of the maximum effective Avengers of all time. A 2nd model of the man or woman, Sam Alexander, became created via way of means of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness for 2011’s Marvel Point One #1. Sam’s incarnation of Nova gets his strength after he unearths the antique Nova Corps helmet his inebriated father saved hidden.

But which Nova could grow to be part of the MCU? Well, why don’t we do each? MCU’s manufacturer Kevin Feige already stated he had plans to introduce one of a kind variations of Nova. So, we will be looking Nova in theaters earlier than later.


Created via way of means of Bill Everett for 1939’s Marvel Comics #1, Namor is one of the traditional characters that helped Marvel construct its comedian ee-e book empire, collectively with Captain America and the Human Torch. So, why didn’t Namor display up withinside the MCU but? Well, the easy solution is that Marvel offered the rights of Namor to Universal withinside the 90s, much like it did with the Incredible Hulk. While the manufacturing rights of each characters already reverted to Marvel, distribution rights may nonetheless be owned via way of means of Universal, making solo films of Hulk and Namor not going. However, now that the MCU is planting roots on Disney+, the MCU ought to absolutely do a sequence proposing the Sub-Mariner. The creation of Namor at the MCU, then, might be only a rely of time.

For the ultimate decade, the MCU has been the use of Easter Eggs to allude to the life of Atlantis, the underwater nation Namor rules. As an underwater king, Namor ought to introduce a brand new layer to the MCU, in particular for the reason that man or woman is depicted as an anti-hero withinside the comics. More than often, Namor receives into warfare with different nations, inclusive of Wakanda and the United States. That manner Namor’s impact comes now no longer handiest from his astounding superpowers however from his political reach. Lastly, Namor is one of the characters that described the superhero comedian ee-e book enterprise at its inception, inspiring the advent of DC’s Aquaman years after its debut. Kevin Feige have to carry the Sub-Mariner into the folder as quickly as possible, otherwise we is probably going through the fury of the ocean.

Wonder Man

Created via way of means of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Don Heck for 1964’s The Avengers #nine, Wonder Man exams all the principle bins of the superhero powers listing. He has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, digital invulnerability, or even immortality. Sometimes, he even has a jetpack connected to his belt to permit him to fly. Wonder Man already went toe-to-toe with Avengers inclusive of Thor, and he’s each feared and revered via way of means of his peers. In a nutshell, Wonder Man ought to tip the scales in want of the Avengers in any type of warfare in with he’s involved. Or, maybe, he ought to grow to be a effective villain earlier than becoming a member of the best guys.

In the comedian books, Simon Williams receives his ionic powers from Baron Zemo after agreeing to infiltrate the Avengers to take them down from the inside. Simon’s organisation became ruined after being not able to compete with Starks Industry, a backstory that might be without problems incorporated into the MCU and provide the man or woman motivation to stand the Avengers earlier than becoming a member of them. Before turning into a superhero and supporting construct the West Coast Avengers crew, Wonder Man is likewise used as a pawn via way of means of Kang the Conqueror, the huge baddie who these days confirmed up withinside the Loki collection. Nevertheless, whilst there are numerous access factors for Wonder Man withinside the MCU, his inclusion is not going for the time being. This is due to the fact there was no point out in any respect of Wonder Man withinside the MCU, whilst dozens of different characters are already ready in line for his or her first appearance.


hyperion-marvelImage through Marvel Comics

Another not going addition to the MCU Avenger’s roster is Hyperion, Marvel’s model of Superman. Created as a villain via way of means of Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema for 1969’s The Avengers #69, Hyperion could later seem as a hero in more than one storylines. That’s due to the fact each Hyperion new release comes from change timelines, often main a crew of heroes or villains. Sometimes a effective best friend to the Avengers, in different instances their largest threat, Hyperion often suggests up in testimonies concerning time manipulation. The first time Hyperion confirmed up in comics, he became summoned via way of means of Kang the Conqueror to defeat the Avengers for the Grandmaster amusement. So, now that the TVA is a part of the MCU, it wouldn’t be tough to carry Hyperion to destiny movies and collection.

Hyperion has some other connection to Phase four of the MCU, because the villain/hero is an Eternal, the alien race created via way of means of Celestials. Like all Eternals, Hyperion possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. However, Hyperion also can fly, has exquisite speed, a robust breath, laser beams popping out of his eyes… Yes, Hyperion became created to permit the Avengers to combat the Justice League with out infringing copyright laws. And whilst an authentic Marvel/DC crossover may not happen, the MCU has lots of possibilities to carry Hyperion each as a threat or as reinforcement.


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Blue Marvel

There is genuinely no indication the MCU intends to apply Blue Marvel. But they have to! Created via way of means of Kevin Grevioux for 2008’s Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1, Blue Marvel has exquisite strength, stamina, speed, and resistance, is able to manipulating power, light, and anti-rely, is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and is a incredibly gifted engineer and physicist. From brains to brawl, Blue Marvel has the entire package, entire with an unbreakable feel of honor and a will to combat for individuals who can not shield themselves. While there’s absolute confidence that Blue Marvel is one of the maximum effective Avengers to be ever offered via way of means of Marvel Comics, the charming element of the man or woman is his backstory.

In the comics, Blue Marvel is pressured to retire withinside the 60s, after his mystery identification is discovered and the general public turns into conscious that the hero is absolutely Adam Bernard Brashear, a Black guy. That’s due to the fact the equal individuals who cheered for Blue Marvel can not stand the concept a Black guy is America’s brightest image of desire. The MCU is in the end discussing the records of racism withinside the United States with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so bringing Blue Marvel to the displays ought to assist Marvel get to the roots of the problem. While the MCU’s Blue Marvel ought to come from an change timeline, their model of the man or woman may also be a hero that became erased from public memory, withinside the equal vein as Isaiah Bradley’s Black Captain America (Carl Lumbly).


Sentry is the nice pal of Fantastic Four’s chief Mister Fantastic and an proposal for Peter Parker. He additionally made the mutant Angel lose his worry of heights so he ought to jump withinside the skies or even satisfied the Hulk to apply his powers for precise causes. Besides helping principal names on Marvel records, Sentry is probably omnipotent, displaying awesome bodily strength, telepathic abilities, and being clearly invulnerable. So, why does no person speak approximately Sentry all of the time? Well, due to the fact he’s erased himself from the entire universe’s memory.

Created via way of means of Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee with uncredited conceptual contributions via way of means of Rick Veitch, the hero confirmed up for the primary time in 2000’s miniseries The Sentry. The tragic story of Robert “Bob” Reynolds tells the tale of the maximum effective pressure of precise withinside the entire universe, who have to sacrifice his very own identification to preserve absolutely each person safe. That’s due to the fact the Sentry is handiest 1/2 of of a effective being, with the evil Void developing more potent the extra Sentry makes use of his powers. So, to be able to forestall the Void, Sentry chooses to erase himself from records in one of the nice miniseries ever posted via way of means of Marvel. Now that the MCU offers with parallel dimensions, change timelines, and chaos magic, it wouldn’t be tough to evolve Sentry’s tale. What’s nice approximately Sentry is that he will be part of the MCU whilst additionally supplying a self-contained narrative, much less worried with destiny installments than with remarkable writing. As the MCU diversifies its testimonies and styles, we will desire an Avenger so robust and so unique as Sentry may nonetheless get its deserved time into the spotlight.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is a mutant able to speaking with squirrels. If that superpower doesn’t appear sufficient for her to be featured in a listing of the maximum effective Avengers of all time, you haven’t been analyzing sufficient comedian books. After all, Squirrel Girl is likewise recognized for being unbeatable. Seriously! Squirrel Girl single-handedly defeated Thanos, Doctor Doom, Deadpool, or even Galactus.

Created via way of means of Will Murray and Steve Ditko for 1991’s Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 2 #8, Squirrel Girl became added as a light-hearted and humorous man or woman that helped carry a few amusing into the once in a while excessively gritty superhero testimonies. However, it became handiest after she were given her very own solo collection in 2015, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, that the man or woman have become a phenomenon. That’s due to the fact, in her solo adventures, Squirrel Girl crosses paths with Marvel’s largest menaces and continually comes up on top.

Squirrel Girl nearly have become a part of the MCU whilst Marvel Television became nonetheless taken into consideration part of the challenge. Milana Vayntrub became set to famous person as Squirrel Girl on a New Warriors TV display that, unfortunately, became killed earlier than it ever were given the threat to appeal the world. New Warriors showrunner Kevin Biegel these days claimed that the display became killed for being “too queer”, which Marvel publicly denies. Be that because it may, the demise of the New Warriors challenge is a mistake Marvel have to right away rectify via way of means of permitting Squirrel Girl and the relaxation of the crew to grow to be a part of Disney+.

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