So… coconut oil is presently trending on TikTok, and the motive is sincerely wilder than you’d think. It all has to do with American tour blogger and version Jay Alvarrez, a leaked intercourse tape, Missy Elliott and a kettle. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

Who Is Jay Alvarrez?

Alexis Ren

First off, Jay Alvarrez isn’t precisely every person outrageously special. He has over 6M followers, used to this point Alexis Ren, who has over 14M followers, and he’s quite warm. Like your trendy warm seashore dude.

What Is This Jay Alvarrez Video All About?

Alexis Ren And Jay Alvarrez Coconut Oil

The motive the net is FROTHING over him, is due to the fact a intercourse tape offering him and Russian version Sveta Bilyalova leaked.

Now, the intercourse tape in query is VERY well-produced, which has led a few human beings to accept as true with that he placed it out himself.

The video is ready to the song Pass That Dutch with the aid of using Missy Elliott, and it nearly seems like an advert for a few pricey Versace perfume.

The video turned into added to the eye of the net after Logan Paul and Mike Majlak watched it on their Impaulsive podcast, which obviously added curious minds searching.

So What Does Coconut Oil Have To Do With It?

Alexis Ren And Jay Alvarrez Coconut Oil Leaked Full Video Reddit, Twitter

The motive anybody goes wild over this Jay Alvarrez video, however, is due to the fact in the direction of the beginning, Alvarrez holds up a coconut oil bottle, boils it in a kettle, after which makes use of it as lube.

First off, isn’t that stuff going to be REALLY warm? Secondly, I am off to the shop to shop for coconut oil.

This is largely the equal attitude that TikTok and Twitter have involved in the leaked video, and the reactions are priceless, along with vids that use the Missy Elliott song to allude to the coconut oil intercourse tape. If you realize, you realize.

There’s only a positive je ne sais quoi across the TikTok movies the usage of the words ‘coconut oil’ and waiting for you to realize what’s up. Well, now you do.

It’s now no longer difficult to apprehend why anybody goes loopy either. It’s essentially a porno with a completely bizarre coconut oil element, and unusually ideal camerawork. A masterpiece product in net virality.

Now whilst we will’t display you the video, we will display you human beings reacting to it on TikTok. (If you’re actual desperate, it’s probable on Twitter or something.)

Speaking of Twitter, the reactions over there had been simply as hilarious.

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