Here Comes The Beethosol Alkaline Water Ionizer Healthy-Water Generator. It Provides Healthy-Water With 3 Precious Life-Giving Properties – We provide water ionizer machine in India.


Dynamic oxygen in the body is perilous for solid tissue and can seriously harm a typical and sound body. To that end Antioxidants are expected in the body to keep it sound.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine. BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water proceeds as a productive Antioxidant due to its high Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) which goes up to-850 mv.

Likewise BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water is normally firmly Antioxidant. It doesn’t have any added substances or fixings (regardless of whether they are natural) to arrive at its property. BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water is normal and just electrolyzed.


BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water raises the pH of ordinary water by parting or ionizing water atoms to pH ranges between 8 to 11 for typical drinking water and to pH level 7 for child drinking water.

It is experimentally demonstrated that Acidic tissues are behind wiped out bodies. Then again Alkaline tissues are sound tissues behind a solid body. BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy-Water produces Alkaline Water and assists with building sound tissues in the body.


The ionization interaction of BeethoSOL Alkaline Healthy- water alkalizer ionizer significantly lessens the bunch size of typical water (H2O) atoms. This triggers hydration of the body cells and speeds up the evacuation of squanders and poisonous substance.

Standard H2O that is typically accessible come in groups of up to 20 atoms. This makes them enormous in size making it hard for their assimilation in the body. BeethoSOL ionizer water purifier Healthy-Water come in a lot more modest groups of up to 6 atoms making their ingestion in the body simple and entrance profound.

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