kareri lake trek

Trekking is one of the easiest ways to free the mind from all the stresses and to unwind from the routine. However, you will have to select the right route to start as it could be a decisive factor for your future activities. Choose the one that you think you can do and then gradually raise your trek levels instead of going on a likely renowned and demanding trek. Below is the best Himalayan Trekking collection for beginners.

You can select one of the following tours as a walker and discover your adventurous enthusiasts.

Valley of Flowers Trek

Situated in the middle of the Uttarakhand mountains, the Blumen valley offers the most beautiful hiking routes for beginners, since it both delights trekking enthusiasts in its kaleidoscopic vistas. This trek during a moonsoon is extremely significant because it is precisely where a multitude of flowers blankets the entire valley.

Prashar Lake Trek

While climbing steep areas and walking through the tiny wetlands, and contemplating the wonderful natural environment, Prashar Lake conspires to entice you to go back to the place again and again. With breathtaking views from the sunset, the presence of a lovely lake next to a Rishi Prashar temple, and the ideal campsite, you’ll surely remember this trek.

Kheerganga Trek

Located in the Parvati Valley, mainly known for hippie culture, the hotel offers trekkers comfort with a relatively less demanding ascent. You walk under dense woodland and past some wonderful cascading waterfalls. It’s a common Himachal Pradesh Trek and during your stay, you’re sure to make friends. Stargazing is a must and awe-inspiring experience as you look at the breathtaking mountain panorama standing high before the campsite.

Hampta Pass Trek

This trek is renowned for the drastic contrast between the smart green Kullu valley and the desert paths of the Lahaul valley. This is one of Himachal Pradesh’s best trekking tours and even one of several passionate trekkers. Another very special experience is the cultural contrast you see during the walk.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal is one of India’s renowned high-altitude meadow treks and is widely popular among hiking enthusiasts. In summers, lush grass surrounded with rhododendron and oak forests carpeted the meadows, while in winter, a layer of snow adds to the hike. There are majestic peaks such as Bandarpoonch, Kala Naag, and Gangotri I, II, and III.

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

Deoriatal Trek Chandrashila is a lovely one that you can start as a walker. It presents a photograph accompanied by birds chirping and the grandeur of the snow-capping mountains, spiritual calming, a magnificent lake, and even rhododendrons to add colors to the beautification of nature and some distant villages. You get a panoramic view of some of India’s tallest peaks when you approach the Chandrashila top.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

This trek from Gulaba is famous because of its extensive stretching wetlands which are almost throughout the trail and make it one of India’s best meadow treks. On the way to Bhrigu glacial lake, you can also find shepherds and their cattle. The lake is known for its often changing appearance. The water sometimes looks blue and sometimes green. It’s plain blue. In winter, the lake freezes and enjoys the panoramic scenery.

Dodital Trek

A good Dhundital Trek for beginners also known as Dhundital, Lord Ganesha Pool. The lake is in the district of Uttarkashi and the walk begins at Sangamchatti. It’s a simple trail consisting of pine and oak forests and many bird species such as the Himalayan Monal, Busk Robin, and Himalayan Whistling Thrush. This route has many different species. There is also a Lord Ganesha temple by the lake.

Nag Tibba Trek

This is a simple trek near Mussoorie that even without significant guidance can be done by beginners. Starting in the village of Panthwari, the trail consists of woodland, various fauna, and flora, as well as a simple climb. The campsite is also pictorial, with a collection of mountains in its backdrop. The sunset is lovely and you also get a fantastic view from the summit of summits such as Kedarkantha or Bandarpoonch.

Kareri lake Trek
Kareri Lake Trek is one of the best weekend getaways for beginners. This is not a crowded hike, so you can enjoy both the trek and the peace of the area. You can see a temple on a hilltop dedicated to Shiva and Shakti as you approach the shore. The music of the mountains keeps the chirpings alive and the view from the untouched lake is also amazing.

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