Choosing the right education lawyer for Title IX

The role of an education lawyer in matters of Title IX cases is very important and crucial at every stage of the proceeding. If your child has been accused of sexual misconduct, you along with your kid might have to go through emotional trauma for quite some time. You might feel angry, confused, and fearful at times. In such a situation, it is difficult to stay focused and alert which further interferes with your decision-making process. Therefore, getting the right education lawyer becomes very crucial for the case.

Tips to choose the right education lawyer for Title IX:

  • Do not hire a faculty member to represent you: As the law suggests that the representative of the student need not be a lawyer and therefore, the school may ask you to keep a faculty member or advisor to represent your case. However, you should not make this mistake as the interest of such faculty members lies in protecting the reputation of the institute.
  • Experience matters: You cannot hire any kind of lawyer to represent your case because Title IX hearing requires someone who is an expert in education laws. Therefore, get a person who has experience in such cases and who has previously represented a client in Title IX matters. An experienced education lawyer very well understands the law and the policies of Title IX and hence, he will defend your case in a better way.
  • Check for the reviews: These days all kinds of information about a particular lawyer is available on the Internet. Therefore, before finalizing a particular attorney to present your case, go through his reviews online, especially on his website and on Google. Under the review section, check for the recent reviews given by his clients and ensure that he is capable of taking your case.
  • Budget and qualification: There are various education lawyers who are willing to fight your case at an optimal rate. These lawyers are not just qualified but also have a very good experience in such cases. Hence, just because someone is charging you a hefty fee doesn’t mean that he is the best person to take up your case.

Along with the above tips, you should also ensure that your lawyer understands your case and gives you proper time. Whether you are the accused or the complainant, understand that these matters are not to be taken lightly, and therefore, hiring a good education lawyer for your Title IX matter makes your case strong and helps you get justice.

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