Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi Point System

Kabaddi, a thrilling and fast-paced contact sport rooted in Indian tradition, has captivated audiences worldwide with its blend of athleticism, strategy, and physical prowess. The sport has recently gained traction in the realm of fantasy sports, offering a unique and dynamic platform for fans to engage with the sport on a deeper level.
The Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi Point System is the intricate scoring system that determines the success of your fantasy team. By understanding this system, you can make strategic decisions to maximize your points and win the game. This guide will explain the different scoring metrics and give you tips on how to use them to your advantage.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Fantasy Kabaddi

Fantasy kabaddi, much like its basketball counterpart, involves assembling a virtual team of real-life kabaddi players. These players’ performances during the actual kabaddi season translate into fantasy points for their respective fantasy teams. The manager with the highest cumulative fantasy points over the course of the season emerges as the champion.

Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi App Point System 

Raiding Points

A raid occurs when a player from Team 1 enters Team 2’s area to attempt a touch and then safely exits. For each successful raid, 8 points are awarded for the touchpoint—a member of Team 1 touches an opponent and safely returns.

Raid Bonus: Two additional points are granted for each successful raid, adding to the player’s score.

Super Raid: A spectacular raid, termed a super raid, happens when a player touches multiple opponents before returning. An impressive super raid fetches an extra 4 points.

Super 10: When a player scores more than 10 points through raid touchpoints for their team, they receive 4 additional points as recognition for achieving this milestone.

Unsuccessful Raid: For every unsuccessful raid, the player loses 2 points.

Defending Points

Successful Tackles: Defense team members earn 20 points for successful tackles that prevent an attacking player from raiding effectively.

High 5: Players involved in five or more tackles during the game receive a bonus of 10 points for their active involvement in defensive plays.

Super Tackle: When the defensive side manages to tackle an attacking player while having 3 or fewer players on the mat, they earn an additional 8 points.

Unsuccessful Tackle: Players from the defending team lose 1 point for each unsuccessful tackle they attempt.

Additional Points

Captain: The captain chosen for your team doubles the points they earned during the actual game, influencing your team’s overall score significantly.

Vice-Captain: The vice-captain contributes 1.5 times their original points to your team’s score, impacting your total points earned.

Starting 7: Players listed in the starting 7 of the game receive 8 points, acknowledging their participation right from the beginning.

Substitute Appearance: Substitutes entering the game receive a total of 2 points for their participation.

Cards and Team Points

Own Team All-Out: Players from the team that experiences an all-out lose 4 points each, applicable to all players in the starting 7.

Opposition All-Out: If all 7 players from a team face an all-out situation, they each gain 8 points, benefiting only the starting 7 players.

Green Card: Issued as a warning, a green card deduction results in a loss of 2 points.

Red Card: Serious and persistent offences lead to a red card deduction of 6 points.

Yellow Card: Breaking further rules and receiving a yellow card results in a 4-point deduction and benches the player for two minutes.

Strategies to Maximize Points in Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi

1. Balanced Team Selection: 

   – Creating a team with a mix of star raiders, solid defenders, and versatile all-rounders increases the likelihood of garnering points from various avenues.

2. In-depth Analysis: 

   – Studying player forms, recent performances, head-to-head records, and upcoming fixtures aids in making informed decisions while selecting players for your team.

3. Captains and Vice-Captains: 

   – Strategically choosing captains and vice-captains is crucial as they earn additional points. Opting for consistent performers or players in pivotal roles can boost your team’s overall score.

4. Adaptability during Matches: 

   – Dream11 allows substitutions during live matches. Monitor your team’s performance and make tactical changes if required to maximize points.

Understanding the fantasy kabaddi point system holds substantial importance for anyone engaging in fantasy kabaddi leagues. Here’s why:

  1. Strategic Decision Making: Knowledge of the point system allows you to make informed decisions while selecting players for your fantasy team. Knowing which actions earn more points helps in forming a balanced team that maximizes point accumulation.
  1. Optimizing Player Selection: By understanding how different player performances translate into points, you can optimize your team selection. This involves choosing players who excel in actions that yield higher points, and balancing high-scoring raiders with effective defenders.
  2. Captaincy and Vice-Captaincy Choice: The point system directly affects the captaincy and vice-captaincy choices. A clear grasp of how these positions amplify points can significantly impact your team’s overall score.
  1. Competitive Edge: In fantasy sports, gaining an edge over opponents is crucial. Understanding the point system allows you to strategize better, potentially outperforming competitors who might not have a comprehensive understanding of how points are earned.
  1. Maximizing Point Accumulation: Knowing the intricacies of the system helps in maximizing point accumulation. It enables you to track and predict player performances more accurately, potentially leading to higher scores in the fantasy league.
  1. Adapting Strategies: As the point system might have nuances or specific rules, being aware of these details helps in adapting your strategies accordingly. It allows you to tweak your approach based on the scoring system’s intricacies.

Conclusion: Mastering the Point System

The Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi Point System operates as the backbone of the game, influencing team selection, captain choices, and overall strategy. Understanding the intricacies of point allocation empowers participants to craft astute teams, anticipate point accumulation, and strategically manoeuvre to secure victories in the ever-evolving world of Fantasy Kabaddi.

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