All around the world bungalow-type houses are a very popular choice of home and for good reason. They are so adaptable to whatever your living arrangements are and the size family you have. Coming in all sizes and types from the basic to the luxury bungalow in Kolkata these homes are found outside and inside urban areas and are often home to more than one generation of the family. There is so much possibility in a modern Indian bungalow today!

A building style that is just for living in

Some of the other building styles there are can be used in a residential or commercial setting. But a bungalow-style property is made solely for residents. The style of bungalow house in Kolkata originated in India and one phrase used for these homes that also came with a wide veranda was Bengali homes. Traditionally they had bamboo frames, thatched roofing and covered one or possibly one and a half stories. It has also been traditional to have large families living together, Grandparents, parents, and children. In modern times living together as a large unit is less common but still found in a huge number of homes in Kolkata and beyond.

Show off with a status symbol

A lot of people saw having a bungalow home that was elegant and luxurious as a status symbol. But they are also great to live in. The modern bungalow is certainly different from the traditional build but that has just enhanced how easy it is to live in and appreciate. While younger generations are also looking at apartment living and its advantages, a luxury bungalow in Kolkata remains a very popular search. They are easy to move around, create your own perfect living space and offer a place to retreat to in comfort when the sun gets too hot or after a hard workday!

Not just popular in India

It is not just a style popular in India, the style caught on in other countries as people came and returned home and added the architectural ideas to what was already happening in their country. You can see its influence in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore and then even in the US. There are several styles of bungalows there and some show the influence of India more than clothes. A Chicago style that was popular between 1910 and 1940 for example has a longer and more narrow floor plan, and then a Californian style was wider, had a large porch with pillars but then a more standard roof.


Bungalow style homes in India will always be an option some families prefer, especially those who are living a more traditional lifestyle. Finding a great bungalow house in Kolkata is possible, that along with modern apartments are the two more popular options for residences. Having such a home is more expensive in the city than outside of it but when you want and can afford a luxury home why not get the house you and your family will love!


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