Garena brought Beta attempting out for its free warfare royale workout, Free Fire Max, on 30 November 2020. It’s an upgraded version of the actual Free Fire pick out out, with new capabilities and superior gameplay and graphics.

What is Garena Free Fire Max?

The motion taking pictures workout showcases warfare royale gameplay. Players who’ve an contemporary-day account from the preceding pick out out can get proper of access to their dashboard and stats withinside the FFM lobby. Fans of PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile will find out the mechanics familiar, on the equal time as there are great weapons and attributes to revel in.

Top gameplay elements

One of the most praised advantages is super graphics. Android devices with hundreds of belongings can revel in the remaining seen notable, and it does allow for lower settings as masses as a certain limit. Of course, the Battle Royale settings and speedy shifting motion present an immersive gaming revel in that speedy will become addictive.

Significant versions from actual

If you’ve been playing FF and hesitant to move to a contemporary-day platform on your taking pictures adventures, it may help to assess what new capabilities you may anticipate.

Here’s a quick the versions amongst Garena’s Free Fire and Free Fire Max:

  • Improved graphics: The visuals provide a further terrific seen revel in over the actual workout, supplying you with better a Battle Royale revel in;
  • File size: FF came in at about 500 MB, but you’ll need as a minimum 1.5 GB for FFM. Greater notable comes at a cost.
  • Enhanced draw distance: You’ll be able to see structures and game enthusiasts from a similarly distance than before, supplying you with that detail if you’re a camper.
  • Resource usage: Besides looking extra storage space, the contemporary-day workout also can moreover furthermore eat extra of your device’s memory and battery life.
  • New capabilities: You can anticipate new content material fabric cloth cloth with withinside the form of characters, abilities, and lobbies.

Our take

Garena Free Fire Max is an exciting workout turning into a member of the ranks of many well-known mobileular warfare royale titles currently available. You need to enter the motion in advance than later to not byskip over out on any specific events.

Should you down load it?

Yes, specifically if you already have a FF account and revel in on line taking pictures motion.


  • Contains lovable graphics
  • Features exciting gameplay
  • Provides more terrific mobileular capabilities


  • Low Quality
  • Non Realistic Animation


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