Hampta Pass journey is giving each experience sweetheart an alternative to finding the special scene on the Manali side in Himachal Pradesh. From the top, you will observe the eminent perspective on an alternate world beneath, the delightful yet abandoned Lahaul. The all-encompassing scope of the valley from the culmination will be a sight that won’t leave you until the end of time. 

There are pass crossing journeys. What’s more, there are those not many which are more sensational than the others. Hampta Pass journey falls under those uncommon, sensational ones. 

What makes a pass crossing sensational? It is the point at which the landscape on one side of the pass is totally unique and startling from the other. 

That is the reason the Hampta Pass is dazzling. On one side is the lavish green valley of Kullu — with backwoods, fields and blossoms sprouting on your path. On the other is the practically bone-dry, unmistakable scene of Lahaul, with desolate mountains and basically no vegetation. 

Remaining on the highest point of the pass, the thing that’s coming down the road and behind are two unique universes. It changes very quickly. 

What rolls out the sensational improvements increased considerably more is the way exciting the move to Hampta Pass is. For travelers, doing the pass crossing (even without the view changes) is an incredible story of experience. They will cherish the anxious energy of moving to disregard numerous edges, nearly seeming to get to the pass, however never entirely certain until you arrive. 


The Hampta Pass journey has the beginning stage as Manali. From Manali, you will be taken to Jobra and afterward to Chika situated at a tallness of around 10,100 feet. The course will have a lot of greenery, River Rani and the sloping stretches on one side. At the point when you move up to arrive at Balu ka Ghera from Chika, On this noteworthy excursion the primary looks at the powerful pinnacles in Dhauladhar Ranges involve the whole edge with knolls and bloom filled valleys. What anticipates you next are the progressive slants until you arrive at the strong Hampta Pass and in transit, Hampta Village will be your host for quite a while. Find the tranquil smoothness that encompasses the valley. 

A definitive location of the journey is the delightful Chandratal situated in the midst of the immaculate environmental factors overwhelmed by the white pinnacles and mists above. An intersection of three ways – Hampta Pass, Spiti, and Rohtang Pass and the green heaven will go with you to accomplish the tallness of about 14,100ft. 

In case you’re a novice to a Himalayan trip, Hampta pass is a decent decision. Having said that, since you go as far as possible up to 14,100 ft, this requires a decent measure of planning. 

The entire experience will be perfectly determined by our accomplished and all around prepared aides alongside the watchmen and kitchen staff. The group will likewise help you in distributing your vault tents for every night to keep you bothered so you can simply appreciate the excellence of the spots without getting into any operational stuff. 


All out Hampta Pass Trekking Distance is 35km and the Hampta Pass Trek Difficulty Level is Moderate. Besides, there will be no power on trip and the ATM office will be just accessible in Manali. 

Despite the fact that Hampta Pass is a high altitude journey, it tends to be accomplished for just about a half year in the year. The absolute best time would be among June and September. You can extend it to the furthest limit of October. 

Some endeavor the trip from the center of May, yet the snow is excessively high for an agreeable pass crossing. Indeed, even in the greatest months among June and September the trip isn’t similar consistently.

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