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Whether or not SARMs have a suppressive effect is highly subjective and depends on the person using them. But, here at Pharma Lab Global, we have noticed a few things. Direct Peptide explain this more.

Which SARMs do not have any inhibiting properties?
With no additional exogenous testosterone present, it stands to reason that the usage of SARMs would not have a suppressive impact. While this is often the case, some SARMs users have experienced issues after not completing PCT after intense cycles. We’d rather not imply that there are “non suppressive SARMs,” as this seems to rely heavily on the individual using the medicine.

Milder SARMs, such as Andarine and Ostarine, appear to be less suppressive than stronger ones at low to moderate doses. It has been found that taking a Post-Cycle Treatment supplement after finishing a SARMs cycle might hasten the body’s natural healing process.

Which SARMs have minimal suppressive effects, if any?
Andarine (S-4) and Ostarine are two of the gentler SARMs that would be good places to start if you’re just getting started with SARMs (MK-2866). If you want to keep your natural testosterone production to a minimum, you should use one of these SARMs at the lowest effective dose and for short cycles. As a result, you ought to see the results of your initial cycle within the first four weeks.

It’s recommended to try a non-hormonal supplement, such Cardarine (GW501516) or Ibutamoren, that works through a different pathway before increasing the dosage or adding another SARM (MK677).

Using two or even three SARMs in a stacked cycle allows you to reap the benefits of many SARMs at once from a reduced dosage of each individual SARM. This may lead to less suppression than would be achieved by taking a single SARM at a greater dose.

Stacking Since it contains two of the safest and most efficient SARMs, Andarine and Cardarine provide an excellent starting stack for people just beginning their muscle-building quest.
Cardarine, an alternative to hormones, pairs well with Ostarine. Because of its benefits in helping users keep and even build muscle while reducing body fat, this stack is also called the cutting stack.

In terms of inhibiting anabolism, which SARMs are the most effective?
Suppressant SARMs tend to be the strongest, especially when used in long cycles. We would only advise inexperienced users to take YK-11, one of the most powerful SARMs.

Testosterone Boosters (Post Cycle Therapy) can help reduce the effects of suppression.
Some people who use SARMs have suppression, which can be mitigated by testosterone-boosting medication after their cycle is through. Using a booster while also taking a substance that artificially increases testosterone levels during a cycle can reduce the body’s natural manufacture of testosterone. Post-cycle treatment (PCT) and other testosterone boosters can help get you back to peak performance quickly after a round of SARMs by stimulating your body’s natural production of testosterone.

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