Cake can be described as a dessert item that most people wish to have. It is a form that is roasted in a smooth batter format with the components like sugar, flour butter, and eggs. It can be said as an alternative form of bread in earlier days. It is classified based on the cakes that are based on the fat and the other thing is based on the egg foam. Because the majority of the type that the cakes were chosen is on the above-mentioned classification.

The major classification of cakes

The fat-based cakes in jagraon are likely to have a denser texture that is the thickness when compared with the foam cakes. The name itself describes the cake that they will be firmer around butter or oil which will be in a shortened form. The creamy texture of the cake is obtained when the flour is mixed along with sugar and butter. After mixing those items, it should be in the consistency like a ribbon format. It should be in ribbon form until the other elements were added to it. There wanted an important hallmark that is to be combined with the pulp onward with the components in the baking soda or baking particles and it is because to make the cakes a little bit higher. Some of the types of fat-based cakes were tea cakes, pound cakes, and layered cakes.

The other type of classification of cake is based on egg-foam. These cakes are made with the help of an egg where the whipping the egg whites or yolks or both in combination to form the batter. The main course is about these cakes is on the shipping method used in the eggs to make the cakes fluffier. If the whipped whites lose their air while mixing the ingredients, then it leads reduces the soft texture of the cakes and it doesn’t look fluffy.

Hence, the cakes in jagraon batter should be mixed slowly with care because it is like a frangible product and can be collapsed which may not give the proper form of the cake. Here, the leavening agent that is the baking powder is no need to develop the height of the cakes. Chiffon, Genoese, and angel food cakes are some of the types of egg-foam cakes.

Decoration of cakes

Cakes in jagraon may be completed without having their frosting or toppings or filling where these are used as a layer-like form on the cakes. Cakes in jagraon help to give additional taste and decoration which attracts the customers to buy the cakes. The frosting is made up of powdered sugar often with the cocoa explosive or vanilla infusion as spices, butterfat, and fat in some sort of milk were also used. Sprinkles are also used to decorate the cakes. It is nothing but a thing called jimmies used to decorate which are made up of sugar and oil along with food coloring which is an enable product and that can be an eatable and some may use lard for decorating the cakes.

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