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In case, you wish to build a new lab, then you would have to procure essential pieces of equipment like laminar flow hoods in your lab. In fact, the laminar flow hood is a fundamentally crucial aspect of your lab that can aid your scientific research experiments. A laminar flow hood will ensure that all your other equipment are also protected from toxic elements.

It will not matter if you want to remodel or renovate your old lab or build a new one, as in either case, you need to procure the right equipment. Your lab equipment will influence the type of work that you can successfully accomplish in your lab. Your lab equipment can also ensure that your working environment is safe. You will have to use proper safety equipment and systems which can ensure the safety of your workers. Governments can refuse to provide the license to your lab if you do not have these safety pieces of equipment in place.

In this article, you will learn about such a piece of vital lab equipment – the laminar flow hood and their different types and advantages.

Laminar flow hoods and why are they important

The laminar flow hood is a piece of essential lab equipment in modern labs. The laminar flow hoods can keep your lab environment safe by providing clean and breathable air. These systems will remove particulate substances from inside the lab, which is toxic in nature. Laminar flow hoods will provide a constant flow of pure air inside the lab in a specific direction. These systems prevent crosscurrents of air inside the lab and thus, prevent contaminated air from spreading inside the lab. You will not get random areas inside the lab contaminated in any way. You can protect your lab and your workers from contamination with toxic substances. Hence, laminar flow hoods are so important.

Laminar flow hoods are not too expensive, and you can easily buy them from lab equipment suppliers. But, you need to maintain them properly to ensure that they remain operational for a long time. The longevity of any equipment will depend on how you use it.

What are two types of laminar flow hoods that you can get?

A lot of lab owners are unsure about the specific type of laminar flow hood which would be best for their lab. The reason for this confusion is that most people are not aware of the correct direction of the airflow. Laminar flow hoods can blow air in only two directions – vertically or horizontally. Vertical flow hoods will blow the air downwards from a filter which is located on top of the working surface. Horizontal laminar flow hoods will blow the air forward from a filter which is located behind your working surface.

What equipment should you install in your lab?

You need to consider a number of different factors before procuring any laminar flow hood in the lab. You need to consider issues such as what your specific clearance requirements are, where your experiments are conducted, the design of your lab and the working area that you have, the lab layout and so on. It would be best if you also remembered the direction of the airflow that is which end has toxic air and where is the clean air.

What are the benefits of using horizontal laminar flow hoods?

There are several unique benefits to using the horizontal laminar flow hood. These systems will create a greater turbulent effect as the air continues to strike on its work surface. The horizontal flow hoods do not have a sash, and hence, you can easily work with them. You can easily adjust the position of the system, and hence, it is more portable and flexible in this regard. You will have the air blow directly towards the workers who operate on it. You would have lesser chances of contaminating your hands and gloves as these will all touch only the downstream samples.

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You can get laminar flow hoods from both online and offline suppliers. However, laminar flow hoods from online stores will cost less. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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