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These days, you can easily buy health insurance online in just a few minutes. However, in those same few minutes, you may also come across various myths and misconceptions about health insurance. The easy availability of the Internet makes it simple to get access to things and also to, sometimes, misunderstand them. To help set you on the right track, we have listed down 5 common misconceptions about health insurance and revealed the truth for you. 

  1. You only need health insurance when you are older

Fact: Ill health can strike at any age, even when you are young.  For instance, there is no age limit on being affected by conditions such as dengue fever or malaria. These can affect you in your early 20s too or even as a teenager. Thus, it is always important to have the protection of a health insurance policy. You also need to ensure that your family members (including children) have health insurance too. 

  1. The health insurance policy that works for my friend will suffice for me

Fact: When it comes to health insurance, taking the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach can prove to be a disaster. For your friend, a Rs 3 lakhs policy may suffice based on his/her preferred hospitals. However, you may want to opt for a higher sum insured depending on your requirements. Moreover, your friend may not have conducted due research before selecting a health insurance policy. Or, they may not have taken any riders to supplement their coverage. You, thus, would not want to fall into the same situation of having inadequate coverage. Make sure to evaluate your own needs thoroughly and find a good health insurance company that suits your needs. 

  1. Buying coverage online is not advisable

Fact: Buying your health insurance online is extremely convenient and affordable. When businesses make sales online, they save a lot on infrastructural costs. They are then able to pass these benefits on to you – the customer – in the form of additional discounts. Apart from the discounts, buying health insurance online is convenient as you can make the purchase at any time, even at midnight. Plus, leading insurers have secure websites where you can make your payment without worry. Just be sure to due proper research and use only official websites of reputed insurance companies. 

  1. You can only make a claim if you are hospitalised for 24 hours or more

A good health insurance company like IFFCO Tokio will also cover day care procedures such as dialysis. Therefore, you do not always need to be hospitalised for 24 hours or more to be able to make a valid claim. Just be sure to choose a health insurance plan that offers good coverage for day care procedures so you are holistically protected. 

  1. Health insurance plans give cashless facility at all medical centres

Your health insurance plan will only give you cashless facility at its own network hospitals. If you receive treatment at any other hospital, you will have to apply for reimbursement. 

With these misconceptions out of the way, go ahead and get the health insurance coverage you need today! Take care. 

By Lata

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