Foods And Drinks That Can Lower Testosterone

Testosterone produced by the testes has many benefits for the body. Apart from being used to increase physical arousal, this hormone also affects the work of the heart and several other vital organs. Men who lack testosterone are easily overweight to bone disorders.

Testosterone-lowering foods and drinks

Testosterone has quite a lot of benefits for the male body, so the levels in the body need to be maintained. If not maintained, the levels of this hormone will experience a significant decrease. In fact, consuming only a few foods and drinks below this level of the hormone testosterone can drop.


Flaxseed is often used by men who have prostate cancer. Seeds that contain healthy fats and fiber can also suppress testosterone production. Men who have cancer usually find it difficult to recover if their male hormone levels are too high. Therefore, flaxseed is consumed to increase the excess testosterone.

If a man does not experience any problems in the body, especially those related to the prostate, flaxseed should not be consumed. Although nutritious, men replace them with other seeds such as chia, which are good for the diet. If flaxseed is consumed, testosterone will drop and Fildena 100 and Cenforce 100 the treat for ED.

Processed or preservative foods

There are so many processed and preservative foods out there. If you don’t cook yourself, men will find it difficult to prevent the food from entering the body. Almost all packaged foods and drinks have preservatives and artificial sweeteners that are bad for the body, especially testosterone.

The best way to prevent preservative foods from entering the body is to avoid packaged foods. If there is a fresh version, it’s better to choose it so that the body doesn’t get side effects.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is widely used for everyday cooking to replace palm oil which is not good for the body. Unfortunately, this good vegetable oil also has a side effect that is not small, namely a reduction in the testosterone levels of the male hormone.

When compared to using vegetable oil, it is better to replace it with virgin coconut oil. This oil is beneficial for the body. It can even lose weight and maintain the health of the heart.

Sweet root

Licorice or licorice root is rarely used in Indonesia, even though it has many benefits. First, this root has a naturally sweet taste, so it is often used for food and beverage ingredients. Furthermore, this root is also often used for herbs, even though it has side effects for men.

Consuming this licorice for approximately one week can reduce male hormone levels by up to 26 percent. With this large number, the possibility of physical and reproductive disorders is quite high.

Prepared mint leaves

Processed mint leaves in the form of a cold drink or tea can make it a fast testosterone-lowering drink. That is why mint tea is recommended for women who have PCOS syndrome. Women with this syndrome often experience ovarian disorders due to the levels of androgens in which testosterone is too high in the body.

Consumption of tea with the addition of mint will prevent testosterone from being produced in large quantities. Oh yes, because testosterone can decrease, men are not advised to consume too much mint tea. Every now and then, maybe just for relaxation, Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 will improve intimate life.

So that’s five testosterone-lowering foods and drinks in men. Hopefully, this can increase our knowledge so that we are careful when choosing food and drinks!

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