Trello software is an optimal solution to organize work and lessen repetitive tasks. BigTime software is ideal for tracking different aspects of projects, including time as well as expenses.

Trello was created in 2011 and has been used by Visa, Forbes, Google, and several other organizations for collaborative tasks and work management. It has 50 million satisfied users who continue to increase due to the improvement Trello is able to provide to its users. BigTime software was set up in 2002, and it has been able to bring value to several companies through its ever-improving platform. BigTime continues to introduce new features that are compatible with the goal of project management as well. 

This is a comprehensive list of the features that play a vital role in Trello project management software vs Bigtime software. 

Trello Software

This is a detailed list of the features found on Trello:

  1. Trello Views

One of the many attractive features of Trello is that it lets you assess your projects from various aspects with Timeline, Calendar, Board, Map, and Table. These integrations are able to improve the way that you interact with your projects as you can access important details quickly. 

While the Boards feature lets you view different tasks and their progress, Calendars provides you access to important deadlines. 

Furthermore, you can use Dashboard to take a bird’s eye view of the overall functions so that you are able to resolve conflicts in a timely manner. 

  1. Trello Automation

You can automate processes with Trello, which further ensures that every aspect of the project is taken care of. Trello works with Butler, and it functions as a built-in feature on every board. All you are required to do when you are using Trello is set up triggers, and the task will be performed at the right time. 

You can further control these processes with custom cards and board buttons. Combined, they make it easier to resolve the conundrum of repetitive tasks, and you can perform them with a single click.

  1. Trello Templates

Another important tool provided by Trello is the option to apply templates rather than creating a project entirely on your own. There are up to 14 categories of templates, so you can figure out the most suitable option for your concerns. They are divided into Business, Design, Education, Sales, Remote Work, and so on. 

You can customize the details on each template to make your project template stand out and provide relevant information. 

  1. Trello Power-Ups 

Trello power-ups refer to the integrations which can be utilized by users who are working with Trello. It provides app integrations such as Teams, Gmail, Jira, Slack, and Google Drive. 

There are also power-ups that are designed by Trello, and they are equally beneficial for the management process. 

Trello Pricing 

Trello provides four types of payment plans beginning with the Free plan. The free plan can be used to create unlimited cards, create ten boards per workspace, and possess unlimited storage space. Additionally, it is possible to run 250 commands per month while you are on this plan. 

Trello software pricing for other plans ranges from $5 to $17, and each plan upgrades the number of features that you will receive after you sign up. 

Trello has resources such as a blog, Trello guide, and webinars, which part essential details about the software as well. 

BigTime Software

The following list describes the features that BigTime software provides:

  1. Bigtime Time Tracking 

One of the many advantages of using Bigtime is that you will receive a detailed system to track time and expenses. The timesheets available in the program can be used to customize details and to auto-fill repetitive data as well. In addition, you can custom set the user rights for users in managerial positions. 

You can further limit the way that employees interact with sheets. They can access the information but will not have the option to make any edits. 

  1. BigTime Resource Management 

Another quality that many users appreciate is resource management through which you can reduce turnover as each employee will receive the workload that they are able to perform. You can check the availability of your team members as well as their billable or non-billable hours. 

BigTime software provides a comprehensive list of skills, and you can match the task with the best person for it. You can also rate the skill level of employees, which will further assist you in finding the right match quickly. 

  1. BigTime  Reviews

You can easily handle the review and approval process with BigTime. The multilevel approvals are the perfect way to ensure that the right people will review and approve the project before it is billed. 

Managers on the system can further control and manage employees’ timesheets. And lastly, employees can be informed with feedback with simple notifications. The notifications can be sent through Slack, email, or the Bigtime inbox. 

  1. Bigtime Billing & Invoicing 

Bigtime is furnished with an intuitive system that can generate invoices, and you are also able to create fixed and flexible billing bids. You can set the fee as well as the time for the configuration of the billing process. 

You can also personalize the bills for each client and include your brand name, logo, or color to strengthen CRM. 

BigTime Pricing 

BigTime supports three different options for its members, and the first payment plan costs $10. It has limited features such as time-tracking and QuickBooks integration for project accounting. Team collaboration tools consist of a mobile application, access permissions, and a quick dashboard view. You can even manage resources with the help of personalized reports and unlimited clients and transactions. The second pricing option is the Pro plan for $30 which has a long list of features to organize intricate details of projects. Meanwhile, the Premier plan provides services for $40 and is designed to include all the listed tools. 

BigTime has a tour available on the website, which is 60-seconds long and provides a general idea about the software, whereas you can request a Bigtime demo as well. 

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