No one is dissing the classic look but sometimes you want to try something new. This is true of nail designs.

When you want a fresh new look but don’t know what to try, you can always find inspiration from seeing what others are doing.

Let’s talk about the newest trends in nail design. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite nail look.

1. Cat’s Eye Nails

Have you ever peered deep into a cat’s eye? The colors seem to shimmer and swirl, transforming from one to the next seamlessly. 

You can recreate this awesome effect on your nails. The best thing about it is that you need no special skill, just a little extra cash.

You can find this kind of nail polish in specialty stores. Just look for labels that say “cat’s eye” on the bottle. They come in many different colors. 

2. Almond Nails

Sometimes it’s not the nail color or nail design that is new and fresh, but the shape. 

Although almond nails aren’t necessarily new, they haven’t been popular for some time. The square and pointed nails have been in the limelight but the more natural almond nails are making a comeback!

To achieve this look just file the sides of your nails and taper to a soft round at the tip. 

3. Ombre Nails

Ombre took over the world in the early 2000s but the trend backed down about a decade later. It’s time to bring that bad boy back with some ombre nails.

To pull this look off, you need to choose two colors and begin with one at the cuticle and one at the tip of the nail. Blend the two in the middle until the color gradient changes.  

This change needs to be a soft flow from one color to the next, not a sharp break.

You can choose to create a bold ombre from neon green to a neon yellow or go more subtle with an ombre from soft pink to beige.

4. The 60’s Swirl

The fun and groovy style of the 60s played with color and shapes without following any rules.

Bold contrasts and psychedelic swirls were popular as were unexpected color combinations.

If this decade was one of your favs you can use their style on your nails. Learn how with this abstract design tutorial

5. The Sexy Vampire Look

You can take the classic french tip nails and change up the color to create a more edgy and sexy look. We like to call this the “sexy vampire”. 

Instead of using pink and white, use the french tip technique with red and black. 

Paint the entire nail a bright cherry or deep blood red and then paint the tips black.

This look goes perfect with some red lips, big hair, black leather pants, and a killer smile. 

6. Geometric Metallic

Geometric shapes are hard to pull off in nails. Unless it’s a straight line across or up and down, these small lines require a steady hand. 

But, if you have what it takes, you can create an awesome nail look.

Layering blocks of color and outlines of shapes with a metallic like gold or silver creates graphic art on your nail. 

This will leave just enough negative space to keep your nail looking clean and not overdone. 

7. Tortoiseshell 

Tortoiseshell is the more demure of the animal prints. Instead of the “in-your-face” cheetah or leopard print, tortoiseshell is a more classic pattern.

But this design isn’t just for sunglasses and earrings. Tortoiseshell nails are in this spring. Give it a shot!

8. Colored French Tips

Another twist on the classic french tip is the colored french tip.

Instead of using pink with white tips, use a clear nail and paint just the tips a bright color. You can choose just one color to keep throughout or use one color for each finger.

This is a fun and cheery nail design that is perfect for upcoming trips to the beach.

9. Jewel Tones

Emerald, sapphire, amber, ruby, and amethyst; these are the colors of beautiful gemstones.

You can use the same beautiful colors of these precious jewels on your nails. The result is eye-catching and regal-looking fingers.


With these gorgeous nails, your digits will be the talk of the town. While most spring trends are softer pastels, we don’t want to confine your style with rules. 

Bring on the color, bring on the dark, bring on the bold! These nail designs will keep you in style, on-trend, and on fleek. You’ll also have lots of fun trying to find outfits to match!

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