Kevin Samuels is an American Businessman, photo specialist and online media influencer. He was a student at Millwood High School in his hometown of Millwood, USA. In addition, he attended his time at the University of Oklahoma in 1987 and 1991 and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering.

Kevin was employed by the Office Depot company between December 2005 to May 2009, as Business Development Manager. His job was to develop connections with customers and to develop an accurate, consistent understanding of their business requirements. He is widely regarded as an outstanding figure within the brand new Black Manosphere and has influenced thousands of people with his views and videos on dating.

Kevin Samuels Accuse Of criticizing Black women

Kevin Samuels

Samuels is accused of writing content that slams Black women in particular. But, he’s also written opinions and content which attack Black males.

Samuel claims he is a believer in the power of brutal truth. When he talks to the students whom he coaches, he reveals the truth about their current situation and what they are actually doing to get where they’d like to be. He teaches them how challenging achieving their target will be and the amount of work they have to be prepared to do.

What year did Kevin Samuel Come Into The Limelight

Kevin Samuels: How Did A Dating Influencer Come Into The Limelight?

Kevin Samuel currently has more than 1.27 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, which contains his most popular videos.

Kevin is also popular via social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

While he’s been online for a long time but he became a viral sensation on the 9th of December. 9 when he uploaded his now famous video “You are average at best.”

The video has more than 2 million views as of. It appears that his harsh criticism of modern women who have everything and men hit a nerve and sparked a movement.

Kevin Samuels’ Bad Blood with Umar Johnson. Umar Johnson

Kevin Samuels' Bad Blood with Umar Johnson. Umar Johnson

There appears to be uneasy relations between Kevin Samuels and Dr. Umar Johnson. It is believed that Dr. Umar Johnson is a Black thinker and has posted later posts that target Samuel. Johnson calls Samuel out for his an unjust attitude toward Black women.

According to Johnson, Samuel is profiting from “slandering and criticizing Black women who deviate from what he considers the Eurocentric standards of beauty and success.”

Samuels also is skeptical of his morals with Johnson. Samuels, in turn, questions the morals of. Johnson, who is yet to establish his well-publicized school using the funds donated by his supporters. He was not shy in his rant and emphasized his displeasure with his father, Dr. Johnson, who at the time had two kids from two women with whom he has never married. Kevin continued to ridicule Umar Dr. Umar before finally giving his a smack and saying that he was not a fan of Dr. Umar.

There have been accusations and quips exchanged between the two men. The situation has sometimes become so intense that their followers over on social media are demanding the start of a Versus clash among the two.

Kevin Samuel’s Amazing Career

Kevin Samuel's Amazing Career

Samuels began his career in marketing and advertising and was noticed by his tailored suits. Samuels then quit the field of marketing in 2013 and started his image consulting company in Georgia.

Samuels discusses how he’s always been fascinated by fashion and style when he posts his Linkedin profile. Through his work in marketing and sales, he realized how important appearances can be. He made sure his attire was able to grab the attention of anyone in the room.

Samuels believes that the appearance of a person can influence performance and promotions. Given that he is now earning an income from his image We can conclude that his appearance has played a part to his accomplishment.

Kevin Samuels controversial content

Kevin Samuels controversial content

One of Samuel’s YouTube shows that aired in the month of March, 2021 which is titled “High-Value Men Cheat,” Samuel confronts one female user who had concerns about the topic. He stated that she didn’t have the right to express her opinions since she was built to be an athlete in football.

Samuels said to another caller she could “buy a dog, die alone or get a girl” or be willing to accept a cheating man of high value since cheating is similar to men with high value.

These are the kind of comments that have made Samuels famous and provoked the rage of critics. What is certain is that Samuels is a fan of creating controversial content since it has become his signature.

Kevin Samuels Was Always Into Fashion

Kevin Samuels Was Always Into Fashion

While Samuels was always a fashionista His biggest success as consultant to image came when the help he gave to a highly-paid female attorney set to be an attorney.

Interview in the magazine Undercover Oklahoma in 2016, Samuels claimed that his final step into the world of fashion began when he was working on a PR campaign to an attorney. He was asked to put the project on hold since she was due to attend an interview with Governor Tom Wolf.

The lawyer wanted his opinion about her style and appearance. She also asked him to assist her in selecting the outfits. He was more than happy to take on. The question that came up was “How much do you charge for that?”

In this moment, Samuels realized that he could turn this into business. And the best part was the fact that he was a fashion lover So why not?

Kevin Samuels awe-inspiring net worth

Kevin Samuels awe-inspiring net worth

Kevin is estimated to have a net worth of between $2-3 million by 2022. He has the property of a showroom located in Los Angeles and luxurious cars such as Bentley as well as Rolls Royce.

The YouTuber began accumulating fortunes from his work in an office in a corporate setting in which he was employed as the business manager at Office Depot. In his three and a half years at the company, Samuels drew in many clients for the business and was subsequently paid.

Samuels joined Super media in 2009. Samuels was a part of Super media where he was employed in marketing as an internet sales agent.

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