Reasons Why NCERT Books are Important for Examinations

The National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) has exceptional fame in the education board at both secondary and primary levels. Students have questions like “Are the NCERT Books enough to secure good marks in the board exams?” The answer is yes. This article will explain why NCERT books are important for examinations. While this question is very normal among both parents and students, the genuine question is whether the above question is true or false. These books have proven to be the most suitable books to obtain more than 95% scores in their boards. To clear board exams with good numbers, students must have a clear view of ​​the concepts covered under each chapter and syllabus. NCERT also provides sample question papers that are used by secondary and primary level students across country that obey the CBSE syllabus.

It is very common among students to feel tension during exam preparation. Most of the students are confused about choosing the best study materials among various resources to succeed in the exam. Whichever preparation method they follow, students have to make assured that all the topics are covered before the exam. This will probably boost the sufficient amount of confidence to secure high marks in the annual exam. For this purpose, students should refer to the CBSE prescribed NCERT Syllabus to get a clear idea of the concepts which are necessary from the exam perspective. Referring to these while answering the textbook questions would clear the difficulties which appear in the thoughts of students irrespective of their intelligence quotient. The best way to systematically understand the syllabus is to listen to class lessons. It provides an outstanding initiation to the concepts that fall under the CBSE curriculum. Constant practice of exercise questions given in each chapter is necessary to secure high scores in their upcoming final examinations.

The NCERT textbooks are designed in such a way that students can also brush up their basics to clear other competitive exams directed at both state and national levels. Students who desire to secure more than 90% in their upcoming board exams can refer to NCERT books without fail. Concepts are taught in a simple and lucid language for illustrations and some of them through diagrams, wherever needed. By practicing these problems students enhance their conceptual knowledge covered in each chapter. The main objective of preparing these books by the expert faculty is to encourage students to intensify their performance every academic year.

Hence, students are highly advised to follow NCERT textbooks to improve their analytical, problem solving and writing skills which are important from an exam point of view. NCERT Books promote quality learning . After working on the textbook questions of each chapter, students can refer to other study materials to intensify their skills. Expert faculty formulate these textbooks relying on the fundamental questions that are asked frequently in prior year question papers. Moreover, as expectations are usually high, students are asked to perform remarkably well to stay ahead and combine with the tough competition. 

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