YouTuber lilsimsie says TikTok took down her video of a Sims four man or woman creating a grilled cheese with the first-man or woman digital digicam enabled for “nudity and sexual pastime.”


Lilsimsie is a YouTuber and content material author who makes movies all approximately The Sims, with nearly 1.five million subs on YouTube.

While she has lots of The Sims TikToks on her page, certainly considered one among her extra current movies violated the app’s recommendations for “sexual pastime,” and become right away taken down.

Now, she’s claiming the video in query become extra harmless than TikTok first thought.

Lilsimsie has over 1.four million subscribers on YouTube.

Grilled cheese TikTok taken down

TikTok removes  The Sims 4 video

On January 27, lilsimsie stated that TikTok had taken her maximum current video at the platform.

The YouTuber pointed out, however, that the video had no suggestive content material whatsoever, and become only a Sim creating a grilled cheese the use of the games’ first-man or woman mode.

The TikTok appears to were positioned again up, and has because garnered over 500k viewers. The video serves as a manual for a way gamers can spark off the games’ lesser recognized first-man or woman mode.

What commenced as an harmless manual for The Sims four become a fiasco approximately the nudity and sexual pastime recommendations on TikTok.

TikTok removes  The Sims 4 video  of grilled cheese for “nudity”

Thankfully for lilsimsie, her manual is again up and serves as certainly considered one among her maximum famous movies to date.

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