Over the beyond year, the 591st Pokemon has exploded as a part of a viral Among Us meme. If you’ve visible the word thrown round and had been confused, that is the whole lot you want to understand approximately the 591 Pokemon meme.

Making its debut over 25 years ago, Pokemon is now 8 generations deep, and has gathered 898 ‘mons to its ever-increasing roster. Yet at some point of 2020 and 2021, humans have emerge as obsessed on the 591st individual withinside the franchise. But why?

The Gen V monster has visible an explosion in on-line searches as part of a viral meme. Below we can provide an explanation for the origins of the pun, and why humans are abruptly inquisitive about the Unova region’s maximum shaggy dog story-worth monster.

Who is the 591st Pokemon?

Pokemon #591

If you experience the want to leap at the bandwagon and deliver Pokemon variety 591 a Google, you’ll land at the identical web page that all of us do: Amoonguss.

The cheeky little Poison/Grass-kind mushroom made its debut all of the manner again in Pokemon Black & White, first launched in 2011.

It, in addition to its evolution, Foongus, are of the title’s maximum lovable ‘mon, however additionally seemingly one of the maximum meme-able.

What is the Pokemon #591 meme?

What is Pokemon #591?

The Pokemon 591 meme is in no way new, and has been kicked round because 2020 on Reddit and Twitter. It facilities round asking others to Google search “what’s Pokemon #591.”

The shaggy dog story is that Amoonguss’s call is a play at the vastly famous on-line multiplayer title, Among Us, which has sparked its very own wave of “sus” memes. Due to their names being so similar, many have jokingly distinctive the Pokemon because the unofficial 2d mascot of the game.

The Gen V creature has additionally emerge as included into memes approximately the web multiplayer, inclusive of a viral Reddit publish from September 2020 which depicted the mushroom because the game’s area group member avatar.

What is Pokemon #591? Viral Pokedex meme explained

So, no matter now no longer being the flashiest Pokemon withinside the world, because of Among Us’ huge shift in popularity, Amoonguss has now taken on a brand new lifestyles of its very own.

Just be cautious in case it receives too fiesty, though. After all, it seems quite sus!

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