9 Resume Items Every Physician Assistant Must Have On Their Resume

Searching for a physician assistant position can feel overwhelming at first. However, understanding how to properly put your resume together can help you land your dream job. Doing so without a clear understanding of resume building can prove difficult. If you want to clean up your resume, and prepare it for applications, here are nine resume items that you must have on your resume: 

1. Patient Care Skills

As a physician assistant, one of your largest responsibilities is taking care of patients, and making sure they are informed about the details of their care. Without strong patient skills, finding (and keeping) work as a physician assistant can become incredibly difficult. Having an anecdote prepared about a time you excelled at caring for patients will help you nail interviews later on. By searching at Practice Match, you can find tons of openings for PA positions around the country. 

2. Urgent Care Experience

There are tons of physician assistant positions open in the urgent care field. If you already have urgent care experience, this can give you a huge in to these positions. The advantage you’ll have compared to candidates that have never worked in an urgent care environment will be massive. Depending on what your dream physician assistant job is, you may or may not include this line on your resume. However, having a variety of professional experiences listed on your resume is always a plus. 

3. Private Practice Experience 

Similar to what we discussed above, showcasing that you have prior experience in private practice environments can greatly benefit you if you’re applying for private practice positions. Thankfully, there are also a ton of private practice physician assistant jobs out there in the job market right now. The more personalized and specific you make your resume, the more likely you’ll be to land your dream job later on. 

4. Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are crucial for any medical work. Especially when you’re working as a physician assistant, the constant streams of information and tasks you have to take on can be overwhelming. Without solid critical thinking skills, it can be difficult to manage the barrage of responsibilities that are thrust upon you effectively. Once again, using an anecdote that will demonstrate your critical thinking skills effectively is recommended. 

5. CPR

While it may seem obvious, including your CPR skills and certification on your resume is actually highly recommended. Doing so demonstrates that you understand the need to highlight all of your essential medical skills. Additionally, CPR is used more often than you might think in a professional medical setting. Additionally, you may want to bring an official copy of your CPR certification to interviews (just in case you end up needing it). With the right certifications listed on your resume, you’ll make much more money as a physician assistant.  

6. Diagnostic Experience

Throughout your time working as a physician assistant, you’ll be doing tons of diagnostic work, and discussing diagnostic details with your peers. Demonstrating that you have plenty of experience with evaluating and examining patients, and ordering proper diagnostic tests based on their symptoms, will be essential. Putting this prominently on your resume will help you land jobs in your field. 

7. Interpersonal Communication Skills

To work efficiently, you have to have solid interpersonal communication skills. During the interview, the way you communicate with the interviewer can demonstrate your interpersonal skills. Be sure to ask questions to the interviewer as well, so you can showcase your ability to work well with others. interpersonal skills will ensure you can communicate effectively with patients, clinical staff, and every other person you come in contact with during your job. 

8. Understanding of Treatment Plans 

Treatment plans are detailed plans crafted for physicians and medical experts, which help them diagnose patients, and treat them effectively. As a physician assistant, you’ll be preparing and documenting treatment plans frequently. Bringing a copy of a treatment plan that you’re proud of putting together can help you impress the interviewer, and will make you a more qualified candidate as well. 

9. Stress Management

The pressure of medical work can be overwhelming. Knowing how to manage your stress (both on and off the job) is crucial when you’re working as a physician assistant. Having relaxing hobbies and being in shape can help you manage your stress effectively. If you’re managing to keep your stress under control, you may want to highlight your interests (both personal and professional) during your interviews. 

Perfect Your Resume in 2022

In 2022, there are tons of amazing physician assistant positions available. Taking advantage of this high demand can help you boost your salary, and land you a position that’s more comfortable than the one you’re in right now. After you perfect your resume, you’ll be ready to start job hunting. 

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