TikTok famous person and influencer Danielle Cohn has accumulated waves of fanatics when you consider that breaking out on Musical.ly, however confusion nonetheless surrounds Cohn as many fanatics are nonetheless uncertain how vintage the starlet absolutely is.

Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn were given her massive step forward TikTok predecessor Musical.ly, constructing up a legion of fanatics alongside the manner. Expanding into YouTube content material and the tune industry, fanatics have accompanied Cohn’s adventure over the years, which has taken some wild turns.

Cohn’s age nonetheless stays a thriller to maximum fanatics, because the TikToker maintains to maintain it a secret.

Danielle Cohn’s actual age stays unclear

How old is Danielle Cohn

Despite claims from Cohn herself that she is sixteen years vintage, the influencer’s age has but to be formally showed as her father clarified to fanatics she is a long way younger. In a bid to shield his daughter from capacity damage at the internet, Cohn’s father Dustin Cohn tried to “set the file straight” in a now-deleted Facebook post.

“For years I even have accomplished the diplomatic component even as handling my daughter being on line in a manner I didn’t approve of and seeking to have it treated out of social media due to the fact I figured the machine might paintings and maintain my daughter safe.”

As fanatics have become extra interested by Danielle’s private life, Dustin turned into involved approximately human beings which could have an unsavory attitude at the TikToker: “I am subsequently announcing some thing on social media due to the fact human beings want to be held accountable.”

How old is Danielle Cohn? TikTok star’s real age sparks confusion among fans

Dustin’s issues grew in depth whilst Danielle dated fellow YouTuber Mikey Tua, whilst she turned into allegedly thirteen years vintage, even as Tua turned into 17 on the time. Tua spoke out approximately his courting with Cohn on March 25, revealing how they first met and how “matters aren’t constantly as they seem.”

Danielle herself is aware about the hobby in her actual age, having made YouTube content material approximately it again in April 2021. However, in spite of more than one claims that Cohn is round 17/18 years of age, the TikToker has but to formally affirm her real age.

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