Call of Duty: Warzone is complete of bunkers, a few with key codes, a few requiring purple get right of entry to cards, and a few concerning easter egg hunts. From the bunker code-locked bunkers to the telecellsmartphone and pc-primarily based totally Bunker eleven, here’s all of the modern Warzone bunker codes.

Warzone’s huge Season three replace introduced a bunch of latest content material and capabilities to the sport. While Verdansk ’eighty four is plagued by new POIs and places, the bunkers had been closed and presently continue to be inaccessible to gamers. This is glaringly a disgrace for squads that loved getting their fingers at the first-rate ground loot.

Despite this, it’s far probably that those bunkers could be available withinside the future. As of writing, there are 3 sorts of bunkers in Warzone: 1) Those that require purple get right of entry to cards, 2) people who require effortlessly to be had key codes, and three) people who require finishing a complex easter egg.

Warzone bunker places

The Warzone bunkers had taken a piece of a backseat in Season three. While there are 12 bunkers in diverse places round Verdansk, and eleven of them can normally be opened thru both a keycard or a key code, it looks as if they all are presently inaccessible.

That being said, in the event that they open up again, there may be a wealth of loot to be had for you and your teammates. Inside, Legendary Supply Boxes, Epic weapon blueprints, and stacks of coins could be laying round geared up so that it will swoop up.

Bunker eleven (placed North-West of Military Base) generally calls for you and your squad to finish a hidden easter egg to furnish you get right of entry to. If you control to efficaciously slip in, then you’ll earn an extraordinary Legendary MP7 weapon blueprint — take a look at out our step-through-step manual on a way to open the bunker with phones!

Bunker 00: Located south of Hills, in Sector D8

Bunker 01: Located among the racing music and the junkyard in Sector B7

Bunker 02: Located north of the junkyard, in Sector B6

Bunker 03: Located north of junkyard, close to Bunker 03 in Sector B5

Bunker 04: Located south of Dam, in Sector D2

Bunker 05: Located south of Military Base, in Sector E3

Bunker 06: Located southeast of Quarry, in Sector H3

Bunker 07: Located south of Quarry, in Sector H4

Bunker 08: Located south of Quarry, subsequent to Bunker 07, in Sector G4

Bunker 09: Located close to Prison, in Sector I8

Bunker 10: Located south of Park, in Sector F8

All Warzone bunker codes

All the Warzone bunker get right of entry to codes may be determined below:

Warzone Boneyard bunkers (0-1): 87624851 and 97264138

Warzone Park bunker (2):60274513

Warzone Prison bunker (three): 72948531

Warzone Farmland bunker (4): 49285163

Warzone TV Station bunker (5): 27495810

How to get interior Bunker eleven in Warzone

Getting interior Bunker eleven would require a touch greater paintings as compared to the preceding bunkers. You don’t want a keycard to get right of entry to this bunker. However, you do want to music down a telecellsmartphone (highlighted through icons at the map) so that it will be gambling a message in Russian.

To whole the easter egg, you’ll want to recognise the places of every telecellsmartphone. Phones are dotted everywhere in the map and are normally determined on a table of a few kind.

You’ll recognise whilst you’ve determined one of the phones, as you’ll be capable of engage with it and concentrate to both a message in Russian (referring to the Bunker eleven easter egg) or a flat dial tone.

Spoiler warning: Don’t study on in case you intend on finishing the aforementioned Bunker eleven easter egg.

After finishing the Bunker eleven easter egg, gamers will see some storyline teasers, along with a nuke workshop. To pinnacle matters off, gamers can engage with a pc withinside the bunker (which a few trust ties right into a 2nd easter egg related to the last computer systems across the map).

With that during mind, there are 5 presently recognised pc places at the floor of Verdansk, with the bulk placed withinside the South-East part of the map.

Other bunkers and underground systems in Verdansk

Beyond the 12 bunkers in the sport, there have been additionally some different underground systems that were brought to the sport at some stage in its Season 1 and Season 2 updates.

The Airport “bunker” brought in Warzone’s Season 1 replace is greater of a touchdown region than a conventional Verdansk bunker. However, it’s through a long way the most important at the map and is full of lots of loot to put together you for a match.

The bunker may be accessed through parachuting right into a massive hollow placed withinside the middle of Verdansk’s Airport runway or through locating the get right of entry to ladder toward the give up of the runway. It’s really well worth noting that that is a really famous touchdown spot so don’t assume to be on my own as soon as you’re interior.

Beyond that, there are 3 Missile Silos that spread out with Season 2, that can additionally count as bunkers, as they do provide you with a terrific quantity of loot. They aren’t conventional bunkers withinside the feel which you want a code to open them, however, they’re nevertheless underground regions that may be explored.

So there you’ve got got it, each bunker, telecellsmartphone, and pc region presently recognised in Warzone’s Verdansk.

We’ll be updating this web page as time is going on, so if new statistics will become to be had approximately those bunkers and a way to get right of entry to them, you may take a look at lower back here. Until then, preserve it locked to Dexerto.

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